Information Sources

Information on this list has come from the following sources:

Eileen McHenry has heroically provided details on over 75 movies so far.

The following individuals (some names are guesses based on email addresses) have also made contributions, some of them unwittingly:

Aaron Humphrey, Alan Carter, André Jackson, Andreas Kortmann, Andrew Nelson, Barry Schlesinger, Ben E. Cline, Ben Herman, Bill Seabrook, Bill Turner, Brad Barton, Brian Giffin, Carol Doms, Chris Waters, Christine Y., Colleen Anderson, Connie Laccheo, C.S. Rohman, Daniel Blum, Dave Jones, David Lewis, David Suarez, Delia Woods, Ed Price, Eileen Tan, Erwin H. Bush, Frederic Mayart, G.H. Jones, G.R. Hanes, Gary Greene, Geord Malone, George Swan, Gharlane of Eddore, Gregg Parmentier, H. Bossert, Hugh McGuinness, James Farrell, Jim Barr, Jim Belonis, Jim Freund, Jim Mann, Joel Finkle, Joel Upchurch, John (deathbird44), John M. Ford, John Leslie, John Stoffel, Jon, Jon Suggs Jr., Justin Gaskins, Kari, Kathryn Andersen, Ken Hardwick, Ken Lehner, Lady Johanna Constantine, Mark "F." Bailey, Mark Brader, Mark Rosenfelder, Michael Bruno, Michael Henning, Nico Veenkamp, Norman Morin, Patrick A.O'Donnell, Peter Trei, Phil Anderson, Pramod X. Kalapa, R. Manti, R. Ivan Linderman, Ralph Marrone, Raymond Delisle, Robi Michael, Robin Pen, Ross Smith, Scott D. Hurley, Steve Hix, Stephen E. Kacir, Susan K. O'Fearna, Tim McCaffrey, W. Gauthier, Your Heinous.

Other web sites too numerous to mention have contributed tidbits here and there. Thanks to everyone who has helped make the site so successful!