There are quite literally thousands of books that have been made into movies. The IMDB lists over 20,000 movies based on novels! There are lots of places you can go to get all the information you ever wanted about particular movies, but the details on the inspiration are sorely lacking. What this site provides is a searchable list of movies (theatrical, direct to video, or made-for-TV) and TV shows (series, miniseries, or episodes of series) that were based on works of fiction (including novels, novellas, short stories, fairy tales, etc.), and as much detail about the source material as we can find.

To provide the depth we wanted, we have had to narrow the breadth of focus, so we only deal with SF, fantasy, and horror films. Searching can be done across all three sections, or only on those selected.

The film title, source title, author name, note and date fields are searched. Leaving the search field blank will show all films in the list. Search matches are shown in a simple list, with each title linking to a page with further information.

Wherever possible, the details page includes links to the Internet Movie Database for even more details and Amazon for purchasing the relevant book or movie, as well as quick links for doing related searches in the database.

If this is your first time here, please see the list of search tips. For other places to look for what you are seeking, read these recommendations. You might also be interested in finding out about the history of the site.

If you know of any films that are missing, any dates that are incomplete or wrong, what book or magazine (or issue of a magazine) any of the short stories originally appeared in, awards that the book/story/film has won, or anything else that you feel should be added or changed, please let me know through the submission form. In particular, there are some unanswered questions that we'd very much like to get resolved.

Bug reports, as well as suggestions for the format, scripts or anything else about this site should be mailed to

Some of the people and places that we've gleaned information from are listed here, in case you want to do some searching of your own.